Our mission
The Blockchain Student Association is a student organization at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). We aim to gather students who want to share their knowledge to develop blockchain and decentralized technologies, as well as understand the stakes.
The first objective is to address all student community of Lausanne through making conferences, workshops, lectures, hackathons in order to develop knowledge and interest of all.
The association aims to become an R&D pole in this field, using members’ knowledge and group works synergy. The association also relies on its proximity to EPFL laboratories.
Passed events
Event Date Infos
Genesis Introduction 4th October 2018 First event of BSA, introduction of the association’s members and goals.
Blockchain Introduction 17th October 2018 General introduction of Blockchain technology
Workshop – Create your own DApp – Part 1 1st November 2018 Indroduction to decentralized application developpment, first part of the DApp workshop
Workshop – Create your own DApp – Part 2 12th November 2018 Practise of decentralized application developpment, second part of the DApp workshop
Workshop – Create your own Blockchain 3rd December 2018 Workshop to learn how to build your own blockchain in golang
Crypto Assets are the new black 18th April 2019 Talk by Roger Darin (Bitcoin Association Switzerland) BC420 (17h15 – 18h30)
Blockchain and Gaming 1st May 2019 Talk by Nicolas Sierro. BC420 (17h30-18h30)
More information
Code Our organisation GitHub repository : here
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